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in the dim lit of the bar , your eyes sparkle by AshleyKittyy in the dim lit of the bar , your eyes sparkle by AshleyKittyy
o0BrokenSeaGlass0o : A mob of show girls shuffled into the changing rooms. Their beaming smiles slowly melting away as they prepared to leave for the night. Among the crowd was a silver she-cat, her thin, curvy frame no where near the body shape of the toned and stunning show girls. "I'll take the feathers, and boas," she called as she pushed her way through the sweaty crowd of girls. One after one, the show girls threw there accessories at her, not bothering to pick them up if they fell on the floor. 'Rude,' Destiny thought with a bitter attitude, she'd never get over the nasty personalities of some of the girls. One of the stylists walked over and took the pile of sweaty feathers and went to hang them up to dry and be washed. The room was set up like an assembly line, there was the clothing drop, makeup removal, than their own personal lockers. Each of the stylist had their own station where they put on make up for the girls. Destiny's was towards the end of the line, so she got less girls than most of the stylists. "Done," each stylist would call as they finished for the day. With a sigh of relief Destiny walked out of the room, the day was done, now for a drink.

Bottled-Wishes : Drake watched as the line of Showgirls vanished behind stage , all their acts were over and done with . Thank God . The Savannah loved the Showgirls like any other male , but sometimes their performances got old and the whistles from drunken tom cats was too much to bare at times . With an annoyed sigh , Drake padded over to the Bar stand , where the bartender was shacking up a drink of God knows what . The Jazz Player leaped up on to one of the many red leather stools , resting his arms on the counter before ordering a glass of icy water . He didn't feel like drinking tonight ; his head still stung from the fight last night , & his knuckles were slightly swollen.

"Here you are , Drake ." the Bartender meowed , sliding the glass towards him . Drake nodded his head in thanks , picking up the glass and taking a long sip . Letting the cold water soak his dry throat , when he pulled the glass away from his lips he let out a soft sigh of relief . That water was good . But before Drake could enjoy anymore of his drink , one of the Showgirls appeared beside him , running her small paw along his arm , fluttering her eyelashes as she said , "Drakey . Where were you last night .? I thought we were going to cuddle .?" she wined , puckering her lips in a pout .

The Savannah sighed , glancing over at the Showgirl from the corner of his eye . You got to be kidding me . Not this girl again . What was her name anyways .? ... God , I don't even know . The Jazz Player turned to look at her , putting on a fake smile . "Oh , babe . Yeah , sorry . I was busy . I'll be up for cuddling some other night though ." he told her , giving her a wink .As long as cuddling means fucking . I don't do that cute shit ... He thought , waving good-bye as the Showgirl blew him a kiss , and began to walk away , calling over her shoulder ."Then I can't wait .!"

"But I can ... " he mumbled under his breath , turning his gaze back over to his glass of water . Taking another sip , wondering why girls were just so desperate for love . Couldn't they see that they would never find love in a tom like him .? "They really need to leave me alone sometimes , " he groaned , allowing his head to rest on the counter , his lips formed into a frown .

o0BrokenSeaGlass0o : Slinking out of the dressing room, Drake made her way down the spotless marble hall to the main entrance of the bar. Her head was throbbing from all the squealing and whistles through out the day. 'How do I do this job,' she questioned her consciousness, no really why? She was around personalities she couldn't stand, yet she seemed to hang on hoping for the best. Forcing herself to sit up she strolled over to a bar stool and laid her head upon her arms. "Hit me up with a glass of wine -- please," she begged.

The Bengal looked down at the table below her, she could tell she'd regret drinking alcohol yet that was all she had to calm her nerves. Plus there weren't any water fountains around this hell hole. The Bartender placed a glass of red liquid before her, the fruity aroma like a drug to the over worked she cat. "Thank you," she responded before the first gulp of the bitter tangy taste rushed across her tongue and down her throat, 'Oh thank baby Jesus,' she thought .

Turning her attention to the person next to her she beamed, "This wine is-" her words cut off at the sight of Drake, some how out of all the open stools she chose this one, 'Well fuck,' she thought awkwardly turning away her cheeks burning her eyes wide-open in pure shock. 'fuckfuckfuckfuck' she repeated hating how awkward being beside Drake made her feel, but to her it appeared that the /friendship/ they once shared had long since slipped from his memory.

Bottled-Wishes : The stool next to him began to squeak as if some one had sat in it , and some one did . Drake's fluffy ears twitched , but he didn't look up nor bother to conversation with the feline next to him .

But the feline had another idea , >"This wine is - " , it said . It's voice feminine and sweet . Drake then made the connect that this voice belonged to a girl - duh , anyone could do that . But , she didn't seem to finish her sentence . Why was that .? The large Savannah looked up , his eyes settling on a silver striped she-cat with long dark hair , her face turned away from him , and her tail twitched . He raised a brow , looking to the other side . What was her problem .? He blinked his sea green eyes , giving his shoulder a sniff . He didn't smell , if anything he smelled fantastic . He frowned , wondering why the she-cat had so rudely turned her back on him when she had started talking to him first.

Plus , this made the Jazz Player interested wanting to know what her problem was . So with a easy swipe of his paw , he grabbed her stoll turning it over so she had no choice but to face him . Big mistake there , Drake . He then meet the blue eyes of a very familiar stylist ... Her eyes were wide , and cheeks burned slightly with a faint pink color . "Oh.!" he managed to meow , "Destiny .... "

Memories swirled in his mind ; This she-cat ... was a big part of his life before he had left Vegas for the second time . She was important to him . Yeah , was . Drake snarled in his thoughts , Not anymore. The large tomcat didn't know why he always ended up disliking the girls he used to have feelings for . Maybe because they broke through his thick wall and made him feel feelings that scared him so bad . The savannah looked away , letting go of her stoll , making it snap back to where it originally was , with her not facing him . "My bad . " he growled , " Didn't mean to disturb you ."

o0BrokenSeaGlass0o : The stylist felt a wave of emotions wash over her. Hate, fear, dislike, passion, love, caring -- so many conflicting feelings seemed to claw at her heart, but she held her ground. Er, more like turned her head away in pure shock with a gape pressed to her maw as she prayed he'd disregard her. 'Not here.. not now, just .. no, please god..' she begged silently hoping her luck hadn't run thin. But her prayers weren't answered -- they never were; not with her mother's cancer nor her father's depression -- God just had to beat the Bengal down. He had to tear her heart apart, so she could take the pieces and build it back up.

Drake's paw casually grabbed the stool and turned it so the pink-cheeked she-cat stared straight at him. "Drake.." she whispered her paw stopping in mid rise, never reaching it's goal to touch his bruised cheek. But their eyes didn't meet long, he quickly removed his paw and she swung back to her original position. Biting her lip she fought back the tears. 'It's over -- drop it Des,' she thought with a heavy heart. But no she sat up straight and turned her vivid blue gaze and stared Drake straight in the ... side of the face. He had turned away! The tom had the balls to turn away, he'd turned away once before and now he'd done it again, but she wouldn't stand it!

"Drake-- look at me... please?" she asked, or more plead as her temper seemed to fizz away. She was worried about what he had to say, did he hate her now? Or was there someone else -- 'Shut up Des, you never were his -- but she refused to believe all she wanted to see were his eyes.. just once.

Bottled-Wishes : Drake didn't know why he reacted so rudely - he just couldn't stand to look at her .! Maybe because he had unfinished ... feelings to discuss with her .? He didn't know . He was clueless . Why did Drake always think just because he left Vegas his problems here would disappear with him .? But they didn't , they stayed and reappeared as soon as he returned . He sighed , pushing his water away from him , feeling her blue gaze burn into his back , and then she spoke . Her voice shaky and sad.

"Drake-- look at me... please?"

Drake didn't know why he listened to her , but he did . Turning his head to face her , his sea green eyes staring into her pleading blue ones . But unlike hers , his were emotionless , only pools of sea green . But the more he looked - the more emotions flickered out . First , he felt anger for not ever bothering to keep contact with her . Then sadness for not being to tell her how he once felt . And then confusion ... Was what they had really so true or was it just their hearts pulling tricks on them .? He prayed to God it was tricks , but feelings were not an option . No . He would die before ever growing feelings again .

But he just as fast as he looked at her , he turned away . "What , Destiny .?" he meowed , his voice harsh , and his slender tail lashing . "What do you want .... ?" The Savannah didn't know what to expect next - It was all so unpredictable . It was all so new.

New , maybe that's what they needed . Maybe it was time to start over , start fresh . But perhaps their memories were too important to just forget and start fresh . The Jazz Player's fluffy ears flattened against his head , " Oh , and be smart , Des . Don't waste your time with a cat like me . " he adviced , grabbing his cup of water , taking a sip . "You should be smarter than that ."

o0BrokenSeaGlass0o : Her mind was frozen, all she had to say, the year she had to think about what she'd do if she ever faced Drake again seemed to slip away and out of her mind. It left the silver Bengal chocking on her words, heart pounding, and butterflies -- yes butterflies -- in her stomach. But why? After she thought she was over him it was back, one-hundred times worse than before, maybe it was because she didn't want to accept that it ended, or she worried he'd reject her? Maybe that was it? Yet she hadn't realized it, the pure emotion of the situation seemed to confuse her.

"What , Destiny .?" "What do you want .... ?"

She paused her gaze dropping to her paws which were fiddling with a straw wrapper she had picked up. "I - er- I, um," she stumbled her British accent catching her vowels and breaking her words. Lowering her ears she sighed, "I don't -- know," she responded. Honestly what could she say? She couldn't just spill out her heart, how much she wanted to slap him but tenderly press her paw to his cheek. How she yearned to scream at him but whisper into his ear how much she loved him. No, she couldn't not now, not yet, maybe not ever. Her eyes were burning now as the tears seemed to claw their way into her eyes. Shacking her head she turned away, blinking them back down.

" Oh , and be smart , Des . Don't waste your time with a cat like me . " "You should be smarter than that ."

Her ears perked and she looked up shocked a flash of anger filling her gaze, "Drake! How can you say that?! You may not care, but I care about you, honestly I thought you were killed by one of those fights. I lived the whole time you disappeared thinking you were dead, dead dammit!" she hissed almost crying she couldn't it together much longer. She was being an emotional wreck and she had no excuse.. but what could she do? She missed him...

Bottled-Wishes : "Drake! How can you say that?! You may not care, but I care about you, honestly I thought you were killed by one of those fights. I lived the whole time you disappeared thinking you were dead, dead dammit!"

Drake met her firey gaze with his calm , but rather surprised gaze . Destiny thought that Drake was dead , which caused him to raise a brow . Why would she think that .? Just because he disappeared from Vegas , didn't mean he disappeared in life . Someone was taking all this rather dramatically . The large savannah blinked his gaze , studying her pretty face . It was mixed up with so many emotions , that he couldn't even read her . Every second that went by a new expression appeared on her silver striped face .

"Dead , huh .?" he finally meowed , "Kinda wish I was . But then again I wouldn't be so foolish to throw my life away . I still have a lot of ahead of me ." The Jazz Player said , removing his rear from the stool and standing up . "& if I were to die , I don't want our last moment to be fighting .... " Drake took a step closer towards her , "Not a nice way to end such a ... complex , doomed love story , now is it .?" It was funny on how strangely this conversation had developed , but it was Vegas , nothing ended without a bit of touching . The large sand colored tom-cat then raised his large paw , brushing it against her furry cheek , flicking away her dark hair .

Drake looked into her blue eyes , his gaze soft and a faint smile appeared on his handsome face , his lip piercing glistening in the dim light of the Bar . "Now do me a favor -- come closer .... " he breathed ever so gently , his paw traveling to the back of her head , feeling her hair going in between his fingers . With a gentle pull he brought her face closer to his , his eyes flickering down at her lonely lips . "Have I ever told you that you're beautiful .?" he whispered , using his free paw to gently brush against her shoulder . & with that he leaned in , his lips brushing against her's before he pressed them against her's ever so softly . Yeah , I remember her lips ... he smiled faintly as they kissed , his paws twirling in her soft , slightly curly hair .

o0BrokenSeaGlass0o : Dead , huh .?" "Kinda wish I was . But then again I wouldn't be so foolish to throw my life away . I still have a lot of ahead of me ." "& if I were to die , I don't want our last moment to be fighting .... " "Not a nice way to end such a ... complex , doomed love story , now is it .?"

Destiny's gaze seemed to burn right through him -- yet maybe she was over reacting? Maybe she was stretching the reality? But she had seen him after some of his fights; and he wasn't pretty, normally he was bruised and bleeding and at times he was teetering on the edge of eternal sleep. Her vivid blue eyes quickly darted to meet his stunning coral eyes, and her temper seemed to simmer before dissolving away. His eyes seemed to calm her no matter what they read, she loved them. Blinking slowly she shook her head, never breaking the stare, "Doomed -- love story..?" she murmured softly under her breath. 'Am I really that bad?' she thought.

But her worry was short lived, she soon felt his reassuring paw press against her warm cheek, "B-but Drake --" she murmured, but there was no use to fight it, she could never reject him. Sliding to the edge of her stool she gazed into his eyes, forgetting the pain, anger, and hate she had felt only moments before. 'I love you, Drake, and no matter what you feel, what you've done, you have never sinned against me till you break my heart.." she thought.

"Have I ever told you that you're beautiful .?"

The blood in her ears seemed to beat louder the ever before, 'did I hear him right..' she thought in amazement, moments before they both seemed so ashamed to see one another, so shocked, but now, their bi polar relationship had changed for the better. "Yes -- once before, when we first met, I never forgot," she purred to him. But the moment of speaking quickly ended and she found herself, cocooned in his touch as he pressed his soft lips to her's. Her heart beat faster than ever, was it the adrenaline or was it the fact that they were back to their old ways? Either way she didn't care. Lightly touching the back of his neck with her paws, she scooted closer to his muscular chest, 'Safe -- at last.

Bottled-Wishes : Drake allowed his large paws to brushing down her body to her waist , where he held her tightly , not breaking the kiss . The first kiss he hadn't gotten since he returned back to Vegas - and hopefully a kiss to make him remember her .

But just as quickly as he kissed her , he pulled back , unlocking his lips from her's . He fluttered his coral eyes open , looking back into her blue ones . Was that wise .? he thought , wondering if kissing her was the right decision or not . Because unlike him , Destiny had feelings for the Jazz Player , which made the kiss less complicated - to her , at least . But Drake didn't have feelings for the young tabby stylist ; no , not now ... and probably not ever by the way Drake's mind was working . He wasn't ready for such an emotion ...

He swiped his pink tongue over his lips , letting go of her curvy waist and taking a step back , not breaking the eye contact he had with her . "Then I'll be seeing you ... " he meowed to her , giving his ear a twitch .

But was he .? Was he gonna want to see her after this .? The fact that he had kissed her was still processing in his mind . It was unlike him to see a girl twice ... So , with a blink of his emotionless sea green eyes , Drake turned & walked away from Destiny , his long slender tail swishing around him as he vanished into the crowd ; He needed time to think ....

o0BrokenSeaGlass0o : Destiny felt his warm paw pads press against her side, she was content, not happy ; content. Something about this moment felt fake, maybe it was he had kissed her so suddenly, or it wasn't passionate, but it didn't matter. She still was over joyed that their lips met, even just briefly. Yet that was all it was, a brief kiss a friend not a lover may gesture to another. Signalling their departure.

"Then I'll be seeing you ... "

The she-cat watched as he backed away from her and turned away. Her heart seemed to burst in her chest. Maybe he was right, this was a doomed love story.. but she was too confused. All she wanted to do is drink her pain away. Pain not from Drake but from her confusion, her mind was a mess and only time could tell what was wrong. "Bye--" she whispered her gaze following as he disappeared. Curling into a ball on her stool she broke -- finally.

*casually throws this here*
Because I didn't feel comfortable leaving you guys with nothing ... err , decent .
But sadly this isn't decent ,
it's shit. |D
Mybad .
I tried .
Anyways , A #The-Vegas-Lights RP with myself and *o0BrokenSeaGlass0o
I rushed , like seriously . Haha .
Enjoy if you can .
and I'm still on hiatus , just wanted to make something before I left . c;
now I'm tired , and I'm going to bed .

Art + Drake (c) *Bottled-Wishes
Destiny (c) *o0BrokenSeaGlass0o
Reese (c) *LakotaWolfie

Made in MS Paint ,
with mouse .

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